Collaboration tools and practices for data [thread]

How can I best share data without an API? This post will act as a table of contents as I summarize what I learn.

This morning, I went spelunking to learn how people in the "data" field work, and in particular how they share data with each other and their end-users.

Motivation: sharing internal datasets

I'm curious about data sharing because I want to share some datasets myself with the rest of our company, this time without an API.

If you've seen one thing from the Collaboration team at Stripe, it's probably Stripe Home. When I was at Stripe working on this, the beautiful UI got the most attention. The most underrated part of Home was its internal API, which makes employee (aka "people") and team data accessible to many other internal tools. Behind the scenes, we on the Collaboration team maintained the underlying datasets through sync jobs from Workday and other sources. Though modeling people is pretty straightforward, integrating with Workday is a pain; and modeling teams at scale is a constant work-in-progress and trickier than it seems.

I want to bring that same concept to Retool now. But right now, it's just me working on this, and I'm wondering if I can get something off the ground quickly by starting with exposing pure data tables—a poor man's API, if you will.


  1. paper summary: "How do Data Science Workers Collaborate? Roles, Workflows, and Tools" – upcoming

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